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Updates On Various Things!

Updates On Various Things! published on No Comments on Updates On Various Things!

So I got a twitter. Actually I already had several. My real handle that absolutely never gets posted on is @maryethurman. You can follow me, but I warn you it is a dead zone. Every time I try to breathe life into it again it goes zombie for a few days until I forget about it and it dies for lack of brains.

But I got a different twitter! One with which to update on the comic status, and since I haven’t yet set a schedule for regular updates, I will be posting there whenever something new gets added to the site. (Shameless twisting of your arms to follow me. I literally have no followers.) Grab your pens or your digital sticky notes because HERE. IT. IS!!


Simple enough, right? I will honestly keep up with this one. Let this blog hold me accountable, cross my domain name and hope to get one follower.

I plan on getting a Tumblr next. That is a land that I haven’t ventured into yet. I hear there is no return…

All for now,


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