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So an interesting thing keeps cropping up where my readers are telling me that they like the more free-flowing and sketchy style of the pages talking about Jess’s earring. That style is actually less work for me than my normal coloring. I might experiment with it in the coming pages. Let me know what y’all think. This webcomic is a grand experiment, and I am glad you all are coming along with me.


Thanks for reading and my you wake up before your alarm with time to go back to sleep.



Adjusted Schedule

Adjusted Schedule published on No Comments on Adjusted Schedule

So today we’re doing something new. I had a major project due today, tomorrow I have a critique and another major project due, and Wednesday I have another major project due.

So if it’s okay with you guys I’m moving this week’s update to Saturday. I’ll still try to do one for next Tuesday, but I’m not going to skip this week. I’m going to move it a couple days but you guys will still get the content.


Thanks so much for reading, and may the world bless you with donuts and ice cream. Y’all rock.




Possible Page Delays

Possible Page Delays published on No Comments on Possible Page Delays

I am going to work my hardest to make sure I get you guys content and storyline. But, and this is a personal note, my family has been going through a rough patch. My dad is sick, significantly sick, and the doctors can’t figure out what’s wrong. It’s not life-threatening yet but he has been in the hospital once already for it. So that and preparation to return to college has consumed my thoughts.

All this to say that I will try to update faithfully, but I can’t guarantee that it’s going to happen. And I thank you for understanding. Any thoughts or prayers on my dad’s behalf are appreciated.

Keep creating, world, and much love from Mary.


GREAT NEWS. published on No Comments on GREAT NEWS.

So…We’re getting kind of long on the comic front. Probably because I’m not coloring or shading (ordering a tablet soon!).


MY TECH SAVVY FRIEND IS A GENIUS. We have a chapter section now! SO no more clicking through what is now 40 PAGES of comics. Whoa.


As always my tumblr is, or follow me on twitter at @maryethurman or the comic at @MyResolve. You can tweet complaints if you want. I just post random stuff and then when the comics are ready because we don’t have a solid update day yet.


More later, and stay awesome, World!  –Mary





Tumblr and Such

Tumblr and Such published on 1 Comment on Tumblr and Such

Okay so tumblr is terribly addictive but I’m posting a heck ton of art there, some of which I’d forgotten I had made. Also, it’s exciting that I’m following some really cool artists. (Still searching for more!)

If you want to check it out, you can find me at, or if you’re a fantastic artist and you want me to check out your stuff, I am currently at the stage where I check out everyone who likes or reblogs something of mine, so hit me up. Also my ask section is open. No guarantees, mind you, but if you read my comic, I’m kind of already eternally grateful.

One thing I’m learning is that there are so many crazy talented creative people out there, a lot of which don’t get attention for their work. I can’t really expect any more than what they get, but maybe I can show them that people see them, and they’re awesome. So go out and tell someone artistic that they’re awesome today, because by gosh they need to hear it!


But whether or not your muse is adversarial, keep creating, World!